Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Arbitration – An Alternative to Litigation

Arbitration has become an increasingly popular alternative to litigation because it is usually quicker and more cost effective for the parties. In addition, many contracts require that any dispute between the contracting parties be submitted to arbitration rather than litigation.

Whether you are looking for an attorney to advocate for you in an arbitration proceeding, or you are looking for an attorney to act as an arbitrator, Annino, Draper & Moore can help. Attorney Mark Draper is on the national panel of the American Arbitration Association for Construction/Commercial disputes and has extensive arbitration experience.

Mediation - Negotiating Your Own Settlement

Mediation is another alternative to litigation. Unlike arbitration, there is not a third party making a decision. Rather, the parties to the dispute work with one or more mediators to resolve the dispute on their own terms. Mediation can be an attractive alternative to prolonged litigation, especially in family settings where the parties will have ongoing relationships.

Annino, Draper & Moore’s attorneys have training and experience in mediating all types of personal and business disputes, such as divorce, elder/adult family situations and environmental disputes.

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